Tuesday, April 11, 2017

So Many Dreams is my new abstract floral.  I love the way dark surrenders to light in these new pieces.  I am also excited about the soft edges that have so much variety.  They remind me of the way wildflowers burst upon us after the rains of spring.  They are such a happy surprise after a long brown winter.

Monday, April 10, 2017

I had painted this figure using blacks, olives, golds and oranges, and while I liked the abstract quality of these hues, I thought it was harsh.  These cool colors are better for the mood of the painting and I am happier with the result.  The painting has a lot of palette knife paint application, so it is thick and heavily textured.  It is 24" x 20" on gallery wrapped canvas. It is titled Quick Pose.
Determined to create a nonobjective painting, I began to layer colors.  Working from transparent darks to opaque mid tones and then lights, I concentrated on my edges, trying to have hard, soft and lost and found edges.  I thought about warms and cools and the sizes of my shapes.  After all these considerations, I realized that this piece wasn't as abstract as I originally intended.  It is another floral painting.  I love the surprise of the wildflowers along the highways in Texas.  This painting is My  Surprise, and it is 20" x 20'" on gallery wrapped canvas.
Don't you love spring time?  This has been a beautiful season with lots of wind, rain and cool mornings and evenings.  The flowers are beautiful and little visitors are abundant too.  This is the inspiration for this acrylic.  It is Blue, and it is on a 20" x 20" gallery wrapped canvas.