Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I will be busy this weekend with two receptions for art shows. One will be at Abbey's in Georgetown on Saturday afternoon. The other will be at Stinger Studio, Saturday evening. Both will be fun and feature lots of great art. I am also still showing with Pat Langley at Franklin's Fine Jeweler's on the square in Georgetown. Lots of great exposure, lots of fun people. I am blessed.

Two Receptions

Waiting Time

Waiting Time is my attempt to capture the colors of the scenery around here before the blooming begins. I love the gold and gray that is a perfect foil for any color that appears in the landscape. It feels like I am just waiting for the wild flowers.

Spring Dance

As you can see, I am working with abstraction. I love the colors and feel of this piece that I call Spring Dance. Maybe you can see the dancers, but I really hope you can feel the excitement of spring.

Wind Power

The wind has been blowing hard this spring. I know it is necessary, but it is not my favorite part of the season. And yet, I attempted to create a painting that illustrates the power of the wind.