Friday, December 7, 2012

As you can see by the signature, this painting is turned on its side.  It is better this way,so I will be signing it to orient it this way.  It is great to have trusted friends help give a critique of work.  They can sometimes find just the right solution to a problem that I don't even see.  I don't know why it works better this way, but I am much happier.  What do you think?

Monday, December 3, 2012

You should see my poor table.  It has the saddest looking floral arrangement you ever saw.  The water is cloudy, there are petals all over the runner and many of the stems are flowerless.  But there is just enough to inspire me to complete my painting.  I normally work from life instead of photos, so working fast is a must.  I hope you enjoyed seeing my process.  This painting is called A Moment In Time.  I had fun painting it and it made me remember how much I enjoy painting tulips in watercolor.
I will clean up my mess now...

These tulips were sitting on a colorful table runner.  I decided that I could add it to balance the dark background.  There is also a tulip resting on the table that I will be working on next.

I so need practice with the blog.  This is going to be good for me. 
I have added the background because I wanted more drama.  The glass is just in the beginning stage, but I love to paint glass because there really is not much to it.  Gotta admit that adding the dark was a hard thing to do.  I liked the white.  But, I wanted contrast.  Wait till you see the crazy addition in my next photo!

It has been too long!  Let's try to document my painting process through the blog.  This is my latest watercolor and I took photos throughout the painting process so I could blog about it.  I hope it is of interest!